Monday, April 14, 2008

Book Ephemera

BauerLehr Book Label
Lehrmittel Bauer
educational publisher
Münster, Germany
54mm x 30mm, ca.1920
Courtesy of Michael Kunze

To a bibliophile, sometimes the ephemera of books are just as interesting as their contents.

Seven Roads has a beautiful Gallery of Book Trade Labels to enjoy.

Another wonderful site is BibliOdyssey. According to the book based on the blog:

Across the world, libraries and institutions are only recently starting to make their collections available online, and the bulk of this amazing material goes unnoted by the casual surfer. BibliOdyssey's mission over the past two years has been to diligently trawl the dustier corners of the Internet and retrieve these materials for our attention. Thanks to the daily efforts of this singular blog, a myriad of long-forgotten imagery has now re-surfaced, from eighteenth-century anatomical and architectural drawing to occult and alchemical engravings and proto-Surrealist depictions of the horrors of industrialization (for example, the half-plant, half-people illustrations of J.J. Grandville).

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