Friday, July 25, 2008

Digital Slider for Copyright

Digital Slider

One of my listservs alerted me to a handy new gadget: a digital slider to look up copyright terms for works created at different times and under different conditions.

Recently, the American Library Association urged Congress to change the law that states that sound recordings made before Febrauary 15, 1972 won't enter public domain until 2067. To quote their press release:

"This places historical recordings at significant risk of loss by thwarting preservation programs because of the uncertainty over whether creating preservation copies would violate copyright law.

Unlike books, paintings, photographs and other creative works, sound recordings are technology dependent, so that if a pre-1972 sound recording is not reissued in a contemporary format (digital file or compact disc), the content is generally not accessible to the public or scholarly community."

This is just one example of the complexity of copyright law that affects information professionals and those involved in preserving our cultural heritage.

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