Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dick Cheney ordered to preserve records

Dick Cheney
Vice President Dick Cheney stands with hand over heart for the playing of the national anthem, Wednesday, May 21, 2008, during the U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement ceremony in New London, Conn. White House photo by David Bohrer from

A federal judge has ordered Vice President Dick Cheney to preserve all records that relate to his office and official duties pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, D.C., the Society of American Archivists, and other historical and academic organizations. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly noted in her decision the possibility of “irreparable injury” to the historical record if the vice president’s office destroyed or failed to preserve records while the case proceeded.

Read Cheney Ordered to Preserve Records in Case Closely Watched by Academic Groups

Read Cheney Ordered to Preserve Records

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